All About The Black Dog

So, I think I have a black dog. Okay, I do have a black dog named Wu-Tang but that’s not who I mean. This black dog is following me and no one else can see it – it hides in the corners of my mind. This series of posts is going to be about beating […]

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Live in the moment this year

This year I wanted to try something different and skip the resolutions. What are new year’s resolutions anyway? Despite the fad-like nature in which they are carried out(or not in most cases), their origins are rooted deep in history as an honoured commitment. Babylonians would pledge to their Gods the return of borrowed objects and repayments […]

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Let’s talk about skincare

I love love love skincare. It feels good, makes me feel good about myself and keeps spots at bay when I’ve slept with makeup on. A lot of people just are not fussed and why should they be? Arguably there is no need to wash your face with any except water, let alone with a whole […]

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So, why ‘AphroGurl’?

The Short Version: One day after years of relaxers, I wanted to start over and so I had my hair shaved off. Once my hair had gained some length and graduated from TWA (teeny weeny afro) to just an afro, I gained a new nickname. Whether it was positive or negative, strangers took to calling […]

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