Live in the moment this year

This year I wanted to try something different and skip the resolutions.

What are new year’s resolutions anyway? Despite the fad-like nature in which they are carried out(or not in most cases), their origins are rooted deep in history as an honoured commitment.

Babylonians would pledge to their Gods the return of borrowed objects and repayments of debts whilst Romans made promises to the god Janus for, whom January is named. A little less far back in history mediaeval knights would undertake a special ‘peacock vow’ to reaffirm their commitment to the chivalry.

All quite deep stuff compared to our albeit enthusiastic but still often empty promises to our friends and loved ones of weight loss goals and Instagram followers.

So now I just sound bitter but I promise you things are looking up and that was just the seed of negativity which sprung a better idea – that coupled with a few hours of shame scrolling on the internet.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the ‘one-minute rule’ but if you haven’t it’s not something you need to read up on it’s as simple as this:

Do any task which can be finished in one minute.

For a little background, I just came across this whilst looking for good bloggers to follow on Instagram, however, I can’t for the life of me remember who it was! grr. Anyways, turns out, this little gem originated from the happiness and human nature guru Gretchen Rubin. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much of her work but maybe that’s something I should add to my ever growing to do list.

So, back to the ‘one-minute rule’ and how it fits into the whole no resolutions thing. Trying to set new goals for yourself is always challenging, I find that the once exciting prospective achievement becomes a looming reminder of yet another thing I haven’t accomplished. I needed to find a way to hold onto that almost euphoric feeling of relief when you finally reach that goal.

Thankfully it was just in that moment that I finally understood what living in the moment truly means. It’s like telling yourself not to think. You can’t really, without actually thinking to yourself “don’t think!”. Here’s where the ‘one minute rule’ comes in like your fairy godmother magically helping everything fall into place in just the right way.

Let’s imagine that you’ve picked a one minute task like putting all your shoes away. How does that play out?

You decide to do it. You focus on what you are doing. You better yourself and your life. You live in the moment.

If you think I’m batshit, give it a go yourself, it only takes a minute. I don’t know how to explain it but I just feel like this tiny little thing is helping me really live my life and savour every moment, dull or memorable.

Basically, to tie up all the loose ends, this is what I want to say to/share with you. Shifting your mindset in life ain’t easy; we are burdened with the luggage of experience and it can really drag and drain of the energy needed to make positive, long term changes. So, work on things a minute at a time and stay in the moment. Take care of yourself and what’s important to you, work hard because you deserve to give yourself the best. And what’s better than really living every moment of the only life you have on this earth.

Forget about making new year’s resolutions or forget the one’s you’ve already made. It doesn’t matter. Instead gift yourself a new mindset, a fresh perspective on where you already are in life and just take things one minute at a time.

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