About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my site!

I am AphroGurl!

Okay, really my name is Zara but I’m pretty insistent that people call me Zee. I am a twenty-four-year-old on the brink of starting… something.

In truth, this blog is to help me find that something. I am part way through my Computing Science degree with a work from home career underway and it feels like time to pick a direction and achieve some of those long forgotten dreams.

I live in Scotland with my husband Ali and our two dogs Lola and Wu-Tang. My heritage is Swedish/Nigerian but I was born and bred in the South of England.

I am permanently having an identity crisis.

I joined the bullet (journalling) train to try and organise my chaotic brain and blogging was something I have always wanted to do and it felt like the natural next step to take. I feel like I sound crazy but since there is such a huge blogging community out there, I know I am not alone in thinking that starting a personal website seems like an ace way to organise your brain!

So, please, take a look around, you will find chit chats on almost anything. Enjoy!